Our Story

Hairdresser Sébastien Nicoud has seen many changes in the industry during his career.

After getting his start abroad in the United States, he opened a salon in Annecy some 20 years ago where he has always done his best.

During all these years, he was also a demonstrator and brand ambassador for Schwarzkopf, participating in this role in many hair shows throughout Europe.

As a business owner and someone interested in maintaining and building on good working habits, Sébastien has always initiated conversations with his colleagues about their shared challenges: storing equipment, disinfecting, sterilising, reducing pain and improving performance and productivity. Applying best practices and following instructions in their daily work were also among their preoccupations.


The idea of creating an ergonomic storage case for hairdressers was sparked by observing trends in the culinary world where dishes are made in front of everyone in a tidy space with organised equipment.

Nothing like this was available to hairdressers.

To have it, someone needed to take initiative and make it.

Sébastien wanted to expand his thinking, so he gathered feedback from many hairstyling professionals throughout France.

The “Made by Hairdressers for Hairdressers” mindset emerged from all of the enthusiastic participation and became the driving force behind this collective project.

Little by little, the organising case became

(B).ORGANIZER, the hairdresser’s assistant.

Four years of discussions with hairdressers, as well as occupational physicians, risk prevention specialists and ergonomists, enabled (B).ORGANIZER to take shape with high-end features that combine quality and reliability.

Various prototypes and the first production mini-series were produced locally with Made in France quality.

The case’s innovative features gave rise to five different patent applications.

Moulds were made for the first manufacturing runs, which were initially designed to meet the needs of experienced hairdressers.

Communication was structured around this.

The product’s unexpected success within the profession and its representative bodies (UNEC), as well as interest from the Banque Publique d’Investissement (BPI) and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, enabled us to innovate even further and recalibrate our manufacturing methods.

BEAUBEPINE, the brand Sébastien created for this project, is built around vertically integrated production and distribution in functional buildings with an efficient working environment for employees.

The factory makes it possible to control all costs so that each salon can easily acquire this equipment at a reasonable price, even with the high-tech materials used.

Every order, including its personalisation, is the succession of a set of manual operations with quality the main focus at each step so that your (B).ORGANIZER assistant is unique, and durable and, most importantly, provides a rapid return on investment.


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