Instructions for use and maintenance

Thank you for choosing the (B).ORGANIZER.

 BEAUBEPINE products ensure ease of use, reliable performance and impeccable quality.

1. Contents

2. Set up

3. Use

4. Maintenance

5. Safety information

6. Help

1 - The contents of my (B).ORGANIZER:

  • (B).ROLL : Round brush bodies in boar bristles and nylon in 5 different diameters (in mm) : 41, 31, 25, 25, 19, 13
  • 1 (B).SMOO : Flat brush body paddle
  • (B).THANDY: Ergonomic interchangeable triangular handle
  • (B).RHANDY: Round ergonomic interchangeable handle
  • (B).CLEAN SPRAY : Bottle with spray (for disinfectant liquid)
  • (B).RING : Rings for gripping and personalization
  • 1 (B).ID: Personalization plate for your (B).ORGANIZER
  • (B).CASE SHINE : Wax for the shine of the case
  • (B).BLADE FIBER : Microfiber for cleaning instruments
  • (B).Automatic System Steril For You: Automatic sterilization system

2- Setting up my (B).ORGANIZER

1- Take out my case from the box and pouch and place on a stable, flat surface.

2- Open the case

3- Check that the case is full and in good condition. If the system is damaged or has a malfunction, do not use it, and contact Help.

4- Unpack your case by following the seps shown to me in this video 

5- Place the scissors, razors and clips on the magnetised part of the (B).Instrument Organizer System.

6- Place the brush barrels and handles on the dedicated stickers in their storage space

7- Fill the (B).CLEAN SPRAY with the usual disinfectant used in your salon
8- Put the grip rings (B). RING in place on the brush barrels.

9– If you want to use the USB charger base to charge smartphones or tablets, plug in the USB cable.


Android Micro usb

Android type C


Android Micro usb
Android type C

You are ready to use your case !

3- Using my (B).ORGANIZER

Place the case on a stable, flat surface.

A – Using the sterilisation system*

Before the first use, and between each client, completely disinfect your working tools by using the automatic sterilisation system with UV-C quartz protection and diffusion lamp.

To do this:

1/ Ensure that the case is firmly plugged in to the socket by the power cord. (B). AC Cable
2/ For optimal decontamination, clean your brushes with a comb to remove most hair.
3/ Store your brushes and tools in the places provided for this
4/ Close the case to launch the sterilisation cycle.

The sterilisation system automatically starts its standard 10 min cycle. (*Estimated sterilisation rate: 99%).

During first use, a slight smell may be released. This is completely normal.

To avoid any exposure to the skin or eyes, close the case immediately if the UV-C lamp is still on.

If you want to close the case without launching the sterilisation system, simply unplug the (B).AC Cable power cord first.

If you want to save time, you may stop the sterilisation cycle at any time by opening the case. When you close the case again, a new cycle will be started.

To avoid any exposure to the skin or eyes, close the case immediately if the UV-C lamp is still on.
If you want to close the case without launching the sterilisation system, simply unplug the (B).AC Cable power cord first.

B – Using the (B). BRUSH SYSTEM

Choose your (B).ROLL or (B).SMOO brush barrel and put a handle on it as in the picture below.

When you have finished your work, push the ribbed area with a finger to separate the parts

and put back the two separate parts on the dedicated stickers in the storage space of the (B).Instrument Organizer System

C – Using the tool storage system

  • Place your smart phone or tablet on the support provided and connect it directly using the USB cord supplied with the case. If it is not appropriate for your device, you may use your own USB cord.
  • Before moving to a new client, you can spray disinfectant on all parts of your work space (chair, hair dryer, tablet, etc.). Your (B). CLEAN SPRAY is ready to hand in the case (Contents of bottle not provided. Use your usual disinfectant product).

D – Using the (B).Connect System smartphone and tablet charging station.

  • Place your smart phone or tablet on the support provided and connect it directly using the USB cord supplied with the case. If it is not appropriate for your device, you may use your own USB cord.

E – Using the handles

Regularly changing handles is recommended to combat RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and avoid fatigue caused by using only one position.
Handles are held in the palm and have a balanced effect on wrists. They also have an additional grip effect that gives fingers a vertical variation that alternates with horizontal ribs at the end of the (B).ROLL and (B).SMOO handles.
The ideal length of time to use a handle is between 45 and 60 min, before changing to the second handle.

  • (B).RHANDY
This round handle massages your palm with its raised bumps that create unique stimulation
  • (B).THANDY
This triangular handle relaxes your hand by stimulating it differently.

4- Maintaining and protecting my (B).ORGANIZER

Daily use in a professional environment may cause some product residue to be deposited both on top of and inside the case.

As this is a technical and technological product, it is important to use and maintain the (B).ORGANIZER with care to optimise length of life.
Your case is made of ASA (acrylonitrile styrene acrylate), which has antibacterial, fungicidal and virus-killing properties. Thanks to the Bio Master system.

To retain this benefit, it is important to clean the exterior surfaces of your (B).ORGANIZER with a clean soft damp cloth to remove any excess product which has landed there.

Be careful not to use a product which is too aggressive.
To clean the interior of your (B).ORGANIZER when necessary:

– Unplug the case

– Empty all the contents

– Remove the upper part of the case by sliding the two clasps

– Take the upper part and wash it in fresh water

– Dry in air or using a hair dryer.

Replace the upper part of the case on the base, taking care not to damage the lamp. Then lock it in place with the two clasps.


Cleaning taskFrequencyCleaning instructions
Daily case cleaningDailyUse a hairdryer to remove hair from the casing.
Use a soft cloth to wipe away any marks left by products.
Regular cleaning of the UV-C Quartz tubeWeeklyWear gloves when handling the UV-C Quartz tube to avoid dirtying it and affecting its properties.
Clean the UV-C Quartz tube using a cloth soaked in CLR, white vinegar or another mild acid cleaner. Then wipe the tube with a cloth dampened with water. Do not use towels or rough cloths, as they could scratch the UV-C Quartz tube.
Regular cleaning of the case’s body (not the case’s electronic base)WeeklyUse a hairdryer to remove hair from the casing.
Clean the base’s body using shampoo and rinse with water (not the case’s electronic base).
Use a soft cloth to wipe away any marks left by products.
Regular cleaning of the case’s electronic baseWeeklyUse a hairdryer to remove hair from the casing.
Use a soft cloth to wipe away any marks left by products.
Do not wash with water.

Precautions when replacing the emitter/UV-C lamp:

  • Wear gloves when handling the Quartz tube and the UV-C emitter to avoid affecting their sterilising properties
  • Unplug the case.
  • Empty the case’s contents.
  • Remove the case body from its base.
  • Remove the Quartz tube in the base’s lid by lifting it upwards.
  • Remove the emitter from the UV-C socket by lifting it upwards.
  • Insert the new UV-C emitter in the socket.
  • Put the Quartz tube back in place by inserting it in the base’s lid.

5- Safety instructions

Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the device.

The device is not intended for use for persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge unless they have the supervision or instructions concerning the use of the device by a person responsible for their safety.

Before First Use

  • Remove all packaging, keep it out of the reach of children and dispose of in an environmentally-friendly way.


  • Install and position the device in a suitable space, taking into account its size and use.
  • Do not use if the case has been dropped, or if it shows obvious signs of damage.
  • The device is powered by 220-240 V AC/50 Hz. Abnormal fluctuating voltage may cause the device to start incorrectly.
  • The device is designed to operate on an alternating current only. Check that the supply voltage indicated on the appliance’s data plate corresponds to your electrical installation.
  • Warning! When positioning the device, make sure that the (B).AC cable (power cable) is not caught or damaged.

Daily Use

  • Avoid stepping on the (B).AC cable
  • Do not unplug by pulling on the (B).AC cable but by pulling directly on the plug
  • To separate the case from its base, as part of a maintenance operation (changing bulbs, Quartz tube etc. or for unintended use of the device, please use the gripping areas and make sure the (B).AC cable is unplugged.
  • Under no circumstances should you open, disassemble or repair the device as its correct operation could then no longer be ensured. Failure to comply with this instruction will void the warranty.
  • To move or lift the case, use the grip areas located on the base.
  • Do not dispose of or store the device where it is liable to fall or be accidentally pushed into a bathtub, sink or any other container holding water or any other liquid. It could cause a dangerous electric shock.
  • Never pick up an appliance that has fallen into water. Immediately disconnect the (B).AC cable
  • Use only the accessories recommended by BEAUBEPINE
  • Use this case only for its intended uses


  • This case includes a UV-C bulb. Do not operate this bulb while removed from the appliance enclosure.
  • Never look directly into a UV-C light in operation
  • Unintended use of the case or deterioration may lead to the leakage of dangerous UV-C radiation.
  • Overexposure to UV-C radiation can cause damage to the skin or eyes.
  • Do not disassemble the Quartz unless it has been accidentally damaged, and proceed with care in the case of broken glass, or if the bulb has to be changed.
  • The case must be disconnected from the mains supply before replacing the UV-C emitter.

Cleaning and Upkeep

  • Do not immerse the appliance with the power cord in water or any other liquid.
  • Children should not undertake cleaning and user maintenance without supervision
  • Do not clean with an abrasive or corrosive product.

Use of brushes

  • The (B).ORGANIZER brushes have been designed for professional hairdressing use, designed to be heated with hair dryers; the maximum temperature of use is 125°C for a limited time.
  • We recommend that the brushes of the (B).ORGANIZER not to be exposed for prolonged periods with the blowing of a hair dryer bringing them to temperatures above 125°C. Temperature recognized by the profession as optimum because beyond this, the hair could be damaged. (risk of burning the hair).
  • We recommend keeping distance of 3 to 5 cm between the nozzle of the hair dryer and the brush bodies. Otherwise, the hair and the brush bodies may be deteriorate.
  • The brush bodies and handles of the (B).ORGANIZER must be handled with precaution and care. In the event of a fall on the ground, the brush bodies and the handles can be damaged irreversibly.
  • To avoid any risk of burns, do not handle the metal cage of the brush heads after use and do not place them on surfaces sensitive to heat.

Use of brushes

UV-C source : 1 pcs 2,5 W UV-C
UV-C wavelength : 254 nm
UV-C emitter size : Ø 28 x L 142
Socket : 2G7
Electrical data : 60 V DC, 0,17 A
Nominal electrical power : 9W

Important information when handling devices with magnets

The device contains neodymium magnets. You agree to take all recommended measures to prevent user injury:

  • Never leave magnetic devices within the reach of children.
  • Magnets have a strong force of attraction. If you move suddenly, you risk getting your fingers or skin pinched between the magnets. This can result in contusions and bruises in the affected areas
  • Magnets can interfere with the correct operation of pacemakers and implantable defibrillators. A pacemaker could go into test mode and cause discomfort. A defibrillator could eventually no longer function. If you wear such a device, maintain a sufficient distance from the magnets. Prevent wearers of such devices from approaching magnets.
  • Magnets generate large, strong magnetic fields. Maintain a safe distance of 30 cm between the magnet and the electronic equipment. It can damage televisions, laptops, hard drives, credit cards, data carriers, mechanical watches, electronics, hearing aids and speakers, among other things.
  • The magnet is coated with layers containing nickel. Some people develop allergic reactions from contact with nickel.

About the environment

  • Protection of the environment, Directive 2012/19/EU

In order to preserve our environment, and our health, disposing of electrical devices at the end of life must be done in accordance with the precise regulations and requires everyone to be involved.
This is why your case must never be disposed of in a public or private bin for household rubbish. You may dispose of your case at a public collection point with selective sorting of waste.
(the lamp is recycled, like all other lamps, at specific collection points, the quartz tube is recycled with “glass”, the base of the case with “electronic waste” and the rest in approved waste centres).

  • If the cardboard packaging is not being reused, it may be put in with the recycled waste


6- I need to contact Help

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