Sterilisation System

In addition to fulfilling a legal requirement (Law no. 75-604 of 10 July 1975, Journal Officiel of 11 July 1975, Article 118 of the health regulations), hygiene is also something that makes good sense and must be a health priority.

Creating an organised structure for these requirements can be part of an operating method that doesn’t take time away from the service or customer relationships and instead inspires trust.


Sterilise with UV-C radiation

For many years, decontamination methods using UV-C radiation have been continually improving in the medical industry. It’s an effective method of disinfection that doesn’t use chemical products, is gentle on the environment and doesn’t emit residual compounds or ozone.

After using your equipment (brushes, scissors, combs, etc.) and cleaning it as you normally would, just place it in the (B).ORGANIZER and close the lid. This automatically starts the sterilisation cycle, which is completed in a few minutes while the lid is closed.

The UV-C lamp and its quartz sleeve tube in the centre of the case emit turbo rays that reach all equipment inside by reflecting off the multidirectional dual-purpose embossed mirrors. This is BEAUBEPINE’s patent (B).Automatic Steril System.

The PURITEC HNS low-pressure mercury germicide lamp is 9 W, which is stronger than necessary for this small-sized case. Protected by its quartz sleeve tube, the lamp emits all high-intensity UV-C radiation.
With its dominant OFR 254 nanometre (nm) wavelength, the lamp breaks molecular DNA or RNA bonds, which destroys microorganisms like pathogenic bacteria.

The (B).Automatic Steril System is as close as possible to the ideal ultraviolet germicidal irradiation standard of 253.7 nm. LED UV-C lamps that don’t emit these wavelengths are only partially effective.

Other systems don’t have these germicidal qualities since the UV-C rays emitted can move through protective plexiglass or plastic which filters and blocks radiation quality.


Disinfect your work station

Something is generally considered disinfected when the microorganisms remaining are below levels that would trigger an illness.
(B).ORGANIZER contains a light, ergonomic bottle with a misting spray nozzle. The mist sprayer disinfects without wetting the work station, chair or other hair styling equipment that isn’t stored in the case, like hair dryers, cape, etc.
Avoid overusing disinfecting wipes or wiping up heavy sprays that create waste and unnecessary pollution

by filling this bottle with your preferred disinfecting solution.
The (B).CLEAN SPRAY is another tool that improves everyone’s comfort.

Automatic decontamination

Feel safer with antibacterial material

The case, brush barrels and handles are made with acrylonitrile styrene acrylate (ASA), a high-tech material that is very light, yet still withstands bumps, scratches, chemical products, water and UV rays while protecting the electronic components.
BEAUBEPINE has to use this expensive material in order to meet these specifications, especially for making the product as light as possible.
As an added benefit, the silver ions in the formulation (which is Biomaster Protected certified) has an antibacterial, fungicidal and virucidal effect that reduces the contact bacterial-viral load by 80% after 15 minutes. And it’s 99.99% effective for two hours.


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