Organise your work station

It’s not always easy to organise your work station and keep it that way, especially since styling tools and cleaning items are often scattered and/or shared with others.
This leaves hairdressers torn between the work of organising and cleaning tasks and the time they need to stay on schedule with appointments.

The solution would be to put all hair styling tools in one small area that’s close at hand to minimise unnecessary effort and keep things from being scattered.

With (B).ORGANIZER, your tools are finally elegantly organised in front of the client, your essential hair styling accessories are arranged on the magnetic metal sections and your brushes each have their place in the centre of the case.


Protect Metal Cutting Tools

Our tool attachment system prevents scratches on razor blades, straight scissors and thinning shears.
This is important because when scissors or other cutting tools aren’t stored correctly and falls or gets damaged by rubbing against other items in certain organisers, they have to be sent out for repairs. During that time, you lose one of your valuable hair styling tools. Plus, it’s never the same when it comes back because the strength, longevity and efficacy are compromised.

(B).ORGANIZER’s magnetised attachment section keeps tools from falling and eliminates these risks and maintenance fees.

Best Practices

Use industry best practices

Training apprentices and reminding employees of best practices takes a lot of time. In addition, good intentions aren’t always enough to help people regularly follow rules that aren’t simple or easy to apply when things get busy.

The (B).ORGANIZER system keeps tools all in one place, reduces required movements and facilitates hair styling work.
When everything you need to apply best practices is all in one place, implementing them becomes a natural reflex that’s easier to follow as a result.


Make concrete improvements

With work practices streamlined, you’ll find that you’ve performed better and been more productive during your day.

The increased productivity you get with the (B).ORGANIZER can allow each hairdresser to serve an additional client per day without extra effort or additional time.


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