Brush System

Le (B).ORGANIZER comes with (B).Brush Set (patent pending), an effective brush system.

(B).Brush Set features:
• 6 (B).ROLL – Round barrel brushes in five different sizes with three possible bristle types: boar, nylon or combination.
• l (B).SMOO – This paddle brush can be used alone or as a brush with a handle.
• l (B).THANDY – Interchangeable triangular handle.
• l (B).RHANDY – Interchangeable round handle.
• l (B).Uni Ring Set – A packet of (B).RING handle rings in the colour of your choice. Select your colour when personalising your case so you can easily find your brushes.


Organised case

With (B).ORGANIZERyour razors, straight scissors, thinning shears, flat clips and combs are close at hand and presented nicely.

The case is delivered with a system of round or flat brush barrels that you choose, along with interchangeable handles that help you do great work under the best conditions.

Use this system to easily create an entire hair style.

Round Brush


Round brush

The (B).ROLL round brush smooths hair while leaving it flexible. What’s great about (B).ROLL is that you can leave a barrel in hair longer by removing the handle and get right back to work with another barrel.

The barrel’s airflow openings are designed to allow the cylinder’s core temperature to increase faster. This helps the hair dry faster while letting it cool slowly in the right shape, which helps your style hold longer.

You can use multiple (B).ROLLs depending on how you normally work.
This system allows hairdressers to blow-dry any way they want, even creating volume if they choose to (something that’s harder with traditional tools). Or you can just smooth hair. You’re free to choose what works for you!


Many people appreciate the characteristics of both types of bristles and BEAUBEPINE has created a product with the ideal combination. It contains a specially-calibrated mixture of flexible natural bristles and PA (Nylon) 46 bristles, which are excellent for reducing static electricity. It offers exceptional grip (when combined with the brush barrel, pulls less on the forearm and requires less elbow force) and works with all hair types.

Other possible options – on request

Distributes sebum from the roots to the ends to nourish hair. Natural keratin neutralises static electricity. Leaves hair softer and stronger. A boar-bristle brush can be great for thin hair because it gently detangles and adds shine without making hair messy.

Made with polyamide, specifically poly(tetramethylene adipamide), which withstands high temperatures and resists ageing. It has a positive ion antistatic treatment. Recommended for taming thick, abundant hair.


Generally used to add volume at the roots or curl short hair.

Generally used on medium to long hair for a smooth blowout.

Generally used to smooth long hair.

Diameters are clearly indicated on the end of each (B).ROLL.

Paddle Brush


Paddle Brush

The (B).SMOO is a paddle brush that can be used by itself or with a handle. It’s mainly used for detangling all hair types.

On thick hair, the (B).SMOO grips all the strands and is easy to handle, but doesn’t cause the hair fibre to swell.
It also stimulates the scalp by activating microcirculation and removes impurities.

This brush distributes sebum from the roots to the ends to nourish hair and the natural keratin in the bristles neutralises static electricity.


Distributes sebum from the roots to the ends to nourish hair. Natural keratin neutralises static electricity. Leaves hair softer and stronger. A boar-bristle brush can be great for thin hair because it gently detangles and adds shine without making hair messy.


Prevent MSDs

BEAUBEPINE conducted studies aimed at designing a product that gathers everything needed to apply best practices in one place and facilitates the motions hairdressers repeat all day long.
We did this work in consultation with occupational physicians, risk prevention specialists and ergonomists.
This focus ensures that each (B).ORGANIZER element is designed to address the profession’s shared goal: to prevent MSDs.

(B).ORGANIZER and its tools help reduce and facilitate motions, avoid repetitive bad postures and immediately improve use.

The case makes organising more ergonomic and the angle of its openings is optimised for picking up tools at the right height.
In our research, we worked to eliminate weight without considering cost, opting for reliable, durable materials that are as light as possible.

The brush barrels were designed and manufactured with this same mindset.
We did even more targeted research on the handles to design shapes that avoid tendinitis in the wrist and thumb, carpel tunnel syndrome and tingling fingers.

Handles are held in the palm and have a balanced effect on wrists. They also have an additional grip effect that gives fingers a vertical variation that alternates with horizontal ribs at the end of the (B).ROLL handles.

Regularly alternating ergonomic handles in your hand balances the grip and avoids the fatigue caused by holding them in a single position.

This round handle massages your palm with its raised bumps that create a unique stimulation.

This triangular handle relaxes your hand by stimulating it differently.

(B).RINGs are rings you can use to customise your (B).ROLL and (B).SMOO handles.
The colour functions as an identifier, but the rings are also designed to provide a grip that gives fingers a horizontal variation from the vertical ridges on the (B).THANDY and (B).RHANDY handles.

All of these characteristics are unique to BEAUBEPINE’s patent-pending (B).Low TMS System brushes (handles, brush barrels and rings) and actively help fight MSDs.


Make concrete improvements

In our businesses, we pay attention to our margins, but we also focus on building client loyalty.

Necessary price increases can sometimes be difficult if our clientele doesn’t perceive an improvement in service that benefits them.

The (B).ORGANIZER brush system can help you develop your services and increase their quality in a way that justifies increasing your prices.

You’ll also be able to add new services/fees like a volumising blowout that can increase the average amount spent.


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