Discover (B).Organizer


Invented by Hairdressers, for Hairdressers

(B).ORGANIZER is an elegant and ingenious case that helps you organise your gear, automatically sterilises styling tools inside and makes it easy to disinfect the work area with the included spray bottle.

No other professional hair styling kit has ever included so many useful features for hairdressers.


Organise your work station

(B).ORGANIZER makes many repetitive actions that hairdressers take every day more natural and reflexive by combining them and guiding them. These actions can otherwise be disorganised or omitted in some cases.


Minimise Musculoskeletal Disorders

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) are the leading cause of professional injuries in the hair styling industry and are triggered by repetitive actions or those done with poor posture.
Everything possible in our profession needs to be done to address this phenomenon that injures and handicaps hairdressers.
That’s why we designed (B).ORGANIZER and its tools in close collaboration with occupational physicians, risk prevention specialists and ergonomists.


Sterilise your tools automatically

In addition to seeing tools organised in a secure and attractive way, clients will be reassured to know that they are sterilised after each use.
And it’s easy for you! Once you close the (B).ORGANIZER lid, the sterilisation system automatically starts its fast, effective cycle.


Enjoy innovation from five patented systems


    Pat pending
    Automatic sterilisation via a UV-C lamp with quartz sleeve to protect lamp and diffuse light correctly, multi-directional reflectors to spread rays and PCB motherboard for the case.

    Pat pending
    BEAUBEPINE brushes with flat barrels, round barrels, interchangeable handles and grip rings.

    Pat pending
    Two handles (round and triangular) designed to prevent MSDs.

    Pat pending
    Smartphone and tablet stand and charging station.

    Pat pending
    The case’s ergonomic organisation compartments and its attachment systems make best practices a natural reflex.