• 6 (B).ROLL : Round brush bodies in boar bristles and nylon in 5 different diameters (in mm) : 41, 31, 25, 25, 19, 13
    • 1 (B).SMOO : Flat brush body paddle
    • 1 (B).THANDY: Ergonomic interchangeable triangular handle
    • 1 (B).RHANDY: Round ergonomic interchangeable handle
    • 1 (B).CLEAN SPRAY : Bottle with spray (for disinfectant liquid)
    • 7 (B).RING : Rings for gripping and personalization
    • 1 (B).ID: Personalization plate for your (B).ORGANIZER
    • 1 (B).CASE SHINE : Wax for the shine of the case
    • 1 (B).BLADE FIBER : Microfiber for cleaning instruments
    • (B).Automatic System Steril For You: Automatic sterilization system

(scissors, razors, tweezers and combs are not supplied)



  • Net weight = 3.4 kg (with 1 (B). CLEAN SPRAY, 1 handle (B). Thandy & 1 handle (B). Rhandy, 1 paddle (B). SMOO, 6 (B). Roll, 1 USB cable, 1 AC power cable)


  • External dimensions of the case: (handles and clasps included) L 29 x W 23.2 x H 20 cm
  • Inner dimension of the case: L 26x W 19x H 8.5 to 11 cm (sloping)
  • Dimension of the magnetic storage space (inside the lid): L 26x W 19x H 6 to 4 cm (sloping)

The geometry of the cover with an access angle of 9° (8.4°) facilitates gripping (prevention of MSDs)


  • Anti UV ASA with antimicrobial additive (Acrylonitrile Sytrène Acrylate) – Efficacy tested according to ISO 22196:2011
  • Silver ion treatment – Biomaster protected certified

Reduces contact viral load: 80% of bacteria after 15 min and 99.99% effectiveness within two hours


  • USB cable length: 1.2m ((B). USB Cable)
  • Power cable length: 2 m ((B). AC Cable)

  • Dedicated support for getting started with your (B).ORGANIZER – [ESSENTIAL] [PREMIUM]
  • Support to optimize your profitability with your (B).ORGANIZER – [ESSENTIAL] [PREMIUM]
  • An automatic reminder of the maintenance plan of your box – [ESSENTIAL] [PREMIUM]
  • Additional satisfaction by having the (B).ERGO-BRUSH for your customers – [ESSENTIAL] [PREMIUM]
  • Gain one more opportunity to make margin – [ESSENTIAL] [PREMIUM]
  • 7 additional brush bodies, available on request – [PREMIUM]
  • A renewable personalization plate – [PREMIUM]
  • A ” Hair Line ” 7 days a week – [PREMIUM]
  • Serenity of fall and shoc – [PREMIUM]
  • Certainty of access to the latest innovations – [PREMIUM]

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